KYC Verification & Become a Verified Seller

KYC or Know Your Customer is a mandatory step to become a verified seller on Time Swappers platform. Just fill-up your details below to complete your KYC. While you are doing your KYC, you can pay just 35 ES to ‘Become a Verified Seller’.

KYC Form

*Unlike Swappers Wall, users on Time Swappers have to authenticate & complete KYC diligently to showcase their capability to deliver the respective listed services to proceed.

Instructions for Image with ID

Please follow these instruction while uploading Selfie with ID

1. Write TimeSwappers, Your Name, Your Signature and Date on a plain paper
2. Hold your ID in right hand and the signed paper with your name in left hand and get a clear image clicked.
3. Make sure that the info on ID is clearly readable and not hidden under fingers along with your photo on it.

Id Proof with Photo Image
Address Proof Image
Become a Verified Seller

As, Verified Seller, your profile gets verified on Time Swappers platform post successful KYC. Once, you become Verified Seller, your profile has maximum chances of getting noticed by buyers on Time Swappers platform.

1. Complete your KYC, please ignore if completed successfully
2. Just pay 35 ES to become Verified Seller



You will be charged only when you submit your KYC
You wont be charged if you save your KYC as Draft

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